1. This hotel has no receptionist (there is a mobile where you can reach someone 24 hours)
  2. When you book you get a email with a pin number four numbers an # ej. 7777# this code only opens the front door and your room. If you have not received the pin number or you have lost it call the receptionist. In the reception you will find an envelope with your name and inside tells you the room number.
  3. Rooms are avaliable at 15:00 but before you can go to the reception and leave the luggage there, if you try to enter the room early and do not have permission of the reception the code will not open, only opens reception.
  4. The departure day. You have to leave the room at 12:00, but you can leave the luggage in the locker of the reception. Told otherwise your room is paid.
  5. No lift avaliable (if you need a room in the lower part of the hotel request it) so we will do what we can.
  6. No pets allowed.

Rooms have heating and air conditioned, flat TV and minibar, rooms are not very big. Bathroom: Jacuzzy bath tub with hairdryer, and towels.

Located in the center of Palma besides Plaza Mayor and La Rambla. The strong point in this hotel is the location.


Arrive to the hotel and park:

The hotel does not have parking, but theris public (pay) parkings in the near. Parking on the street is not possible because is forbidden.

A1 bus to Palma, Plaza EspaƱa is bus stop to the airport. more

ARRIVE BY CAR AND PARK: Click here for more directions

If you arrive by car is very important that you follow this instructions.

When you come to Palma you have to search for the higway and the direction PORT.

When you see the cathedral on your right, you will see a stret that takes you to the cathedral. IS FORBIDDEN AND THERE IS A SIGN AND A CAMERA THAT INFORMS.

At this point you have the sea on your left and palm trees on your right, you are in street you are in Avenida Gabriel Roca.

You have to turn right in a street called Avenida Argentina. At this point you have on your left buildings and on your right a park. You have to keep driving and go to the right at this time you are in Paseo Mallorca, you have to go to the end of this avenue till you arrive to Avenida Portugal.

Avenida Portugal is on Paseo Mallorca turn right. more

At the end of Avenida Portugal on your right there is a street called Via Roma.

You have to go to the end of Via Roma and the road changes name to Rambla.

At the end of Rambla you have to turn LEFT, if you turn right you will get a ticket.

The third steet on the right is our street, if you are several people some one can go to park and the other one takes the bags to the hotel.

Where can I find a parking. On your back you will find Parking Plaza Mayor, but to acces it you will have to go to Avenida Alemania (besides Avenida Portugal and then do the same: Via Roma, (in this street also there is a parking) Rambla and at the end of Rambla you have to keep driving to enter the parking.

Laws in Mallorca about parking are a bit confusing, but the authority is very strict. more

Back in Ramblas. The fourth street on the right you will find Carrer dels Horts, you will se a sign that says if you enter you will get a ticket and a camera (and if you do not do it you will get the ticket) you have to go to the end of Carrer dels Horts, turn on your right to Carrer MissiĆ³ and the first street on the right is the hotel. Is not possible to park on the street or leave the car in front of the door.

What do I have to do if I enter in street Horts (and if you do not do it you get a ticket) you have to contact the receptionist by email, fax (of the hotel) or phone, also you can go to the extranet booking. We have 24 hours to do this if not you get a ticket. more

  • PINK LINE: From airport to Ca Sa Padrina.
  • ORANGE LINE: From Ca Sa Padrina, to underground PAY parking of Plaza Mayor.
  • GREEN LINE: From bus stop to Ca Sa Padrina.
  • RED POINT: When you arrive to street dels Horts you will find a camera that will record your car plate. Very important give your plate number and I.D. number to the reception so they can validate your car. Car can not be parked on the street always in an underground pay parking. more