IMPORTANT: By far, the best way to arrive to Turismo de Interior Ca Sa Padrina is by taxi. The price would be arround 30 – 35 euros. When you enter in the taxi you will be charged with the taxi meter. When you arrive to The Interior the meter will mark a price, but this is not the final price you have to pay, because when the taxi picks you up from the airport there is a plus, for every case there is another plus.

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When you exit the airport you will see this taxi sign and provably a queue, this is where you have to go.

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You have to tell the taxi driver that you are going to C/TERESES 2 to TURISMO DE INTERIOR CA SA PADRINA. Here you can download some .pdf instructions, but only give them to the taxi driver if he does not know how go go.


Turismo de Interior Ca Sa Padrina
C/Calle Tereses 2 07003 Palma de Mallorca Baleares
Tel. 00 34 971 425 300
Fax 00 34 971 719 708